Rock Store Visit July 26 2008

Finally made it to The Rock Store in the hills above Santa Monica and Malibu. This popular is a weekend hangout for bikers from all walks of life including several Hollywood Celebrities, Jay Leno, Char, and the like. It is likely you will dind somebody on a Sunday morning if you look!

I met up with a the Los Angeles Vulcan Riders and Owners club (LAVROC). There were only eight of us today, but the club is quite active and usually plans rides every weekend.

Rock Store Visit July 2008

Finally made it to The Rock Store in the hills just above Malibu near Santa Monica. This quaint restaurant located in the Santa Monica Mountains is a weekend place where motorcyclists from all walks of life gather, often times including Hollywood Celebrities. Jay Leno is known to frequent this spot frequently on Sunday Mornings.

I met up with a group of guys from The Los Angeles Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (LAVROC). There were only eight of us this time. The club is quite active and usually organize some sort of ride each weekend.

Cooks Corner Revisited

It has been awhile since I have visited Cooks Corner in El Toro near Lake Forrest. I rode the Ortega Highway and then over Antonio Parkway down through Trabuco Canyon and Live Oak. On the way I had to stop for a deer in the road. It was odd seeing it at that time of the day but it was quite overcast and that section of road goes through a wooded area. The animal just stood there and looked at me before jumping off into the woods and flanked me. For a moment there I thought it would jump back in front of me. I wish I had the presence of mind to take a photo.
Cooks Corner is a biker hangout on weekends with hundreds of bikes. Most Harleys but you will see a mix of other makes and models. They have a decent barabecue on weekends as well.

Four way flasher video

First attempt at adding a video. I have a new digital camera to replace the one that was stolen from my motorcycle. (my bad).

New Mufflers.

These new mufflers were obtained by going to a local Harley Davidson Dealer and inquiring as to what happens to old parts when someone has new after market installed. He told me they are kept in a discard bin for ten days and then thrown out! These were practically new and did not cost me one cent!

Start by taking a piece of flat bar about 11 inches x 1.25 inches and drilling holes to match the muffler brackets.

Bolt on to the new mufflers.
After slipping on to the headers, mark holes for drilling to fit the existing brackets and you have a NEW SOUND!