A bit of Nostalgia - Fender Lighting

Not all that bright but adds a little "difference".
A frontal view.

and from the side..
Kind of "retro" Looking.
It seems like there is no end to little projects. I added this fender light after seeing one similar in a profile. I could have used an "Indian replica", but went with this one instead. I was a bit nervous about drilling holes in the fender as you only get one shot at it and then you are committed. The wires are secured beneath the fender by imbedding in a bead of silicon adhesive.


This is with only tail/running lights. Note, the LED Strip is a single intensity bulb array but the addition of a diode circuit allows it to function as dual intensity. When the brakes are applied, it is twice as bright! With Brakes

Later on, I modified the LED strip by replacing the existing strip with two smaller ones on the ends and a 9.5 inch in the middle. The middle strip is connected to the run/brake lines via a diode bridge circuit. All three LED strips are housed in the original plastic housing.

Still Later, I used the same concept and placed a flexible LED strip inside the OEM turn signal housings, powered them from the same Diode Bridge Source, and now have run/turn/brake functions from the turn signal housings.

trunk mountings

These are a few photos of how the quick release bracket fits on the mounting rack. Note I used 4 inch strap hinges in the front to position the bracket forward. The underside of the trunk shows the fittings that slide into the bracket.
Rifle Bronze Tinted Shield

Took a little ride today and went past the Old Hideout on Highway 76 ner Lake Henshaw. Its been closed for awhile, but I would not be surprized to see it spring to life again. It was a weekly hangout for local bikers and a strange combination of cruizers and sport bikes.

Its in the details

Kurakyn shift peg and rear pad covers. The rear is actually a harley brake pad cover.

Kuraykyn Brake Pedal pad cover. A little more area than stock/

Custom air intake using Automotive K&N Filter, 8.5% increase in Horse Power for under $20 and did NOT require any after market fuel module! (flash drowns out red color of filter).

These are the Large Kurakyn Silver Bullets mounted to the existing turn signal light bar. They complement the J&P 60/55W spots also shown.

Mustang Tank Bib and Kuryakyn ISO Grips

Took 1/4 inch chrome automotive trim around turn signal lenses for a finished look

Here is a Kuryakyn Horn cover that is inverted for a different look.

This was made possible after completely removing the stock air filter and cross over tube re-routing the hose from the clean air cannister purge to the other side up into the now new air cleaner (Caddman Mod).

Here is the crankcase breather I added in March 2009. The crankcase is now vented directly to the outside air instead of being fed back into the air intake system. Hopefully, this will prevent carbon/sludge buildup caused by excessive "blow-by".

The Hunt Shunt

Ut oh, no head lights!

Removal of right side cover, below seat

Junction box revealed.

Determined that there was (1) no power to headlight circuit and then (2) alternate power source

Ran a short jumper between unused terminal and the one feeding the headlight circuit.

Voila! Let there be light. But they come on as soon ignition comes on..

These were shot in and around the famous Hotel Del Coronado where legend has it that many ghosts of a by-gone era reside. And San Diego sky line as seen from the island.

Like this!

a little closer look. I need to get rid of the yoke.

While waiting for bags to be painted, I added these convertible soft bag using the hardware for the OEM hard bags.

J&P Custom Driving Lights. These are 55/60W Halogens mounted on the OEM signal light bar, since this was taken, I drilled a hole behind the light, put in a chrome cable.

An edited shot.

Here is Topaz as she looks today, since this was taken, I added some chrome strips to the bags and around the lighting.