Its in the details

Kurakyn shift peg and rear pad covers. The rear is actually a harley brake pad cover.

Kuraykyn Brake Pedal pad cover. A little more area than stock/

Custom air intake using Automotive K&N Filter, 8.5% increase in Horse Power for under $20 and did NOT require any after market fuel module! (flash drowns out red color of filter).

These are the Large Kurakyn Silver Bullets mounted to the existing turn signal light bar. They complement the J&P 60/55W spots also shown.

Mustang Tank Bib and Kuryakyn ISO Grips

Took 1/4 inch chrome automotive trim around turn signal lenses for a finished look

Here is a Kuryakyn Horn cover that is inverted for a different look.

This was made possible after completely removing the stock air filter and cross over tube re-routing the hose from the clean air cannister purge to the other side up into the now new air cleaner (Caddman Mod).

Here is the crankcase breather I added in March 2009. The crankcase is now vented directly to the outside air instead of being fed back into the air intake system. Hopefully, this will prevent carbon/sludge buildup caused by excessive "blow-by".